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handwash your bra, bra washing tips, bra care, lingerie care, bra wash guide

How Often Do You Really Need to Wash Your Bra?

One of the items in your wardrobe that works the hardest is the bra. A bra not only serves as the basis for any ensemble, but it also maintains your posture throughout the day. It is recommended to wash your bra after every wear, if not then, you should wash your bra every 2 wears to maintain its shape and cleanliness. However, this can vary based on factors like sweat and activity level. If you're particularly active or it's a hot day, washing it more frequently may be necessary. Always follow the care instructions on the label to ensure your bras last longer

Maashie has curated this bra care guide for you, that will answer all your queries around bra wash, care and storage, keep reading to understand the right way of taking care of your most delicate piece of cloth, your bra.

How To Hand Wash Bras

handwash your bra, bra washing tips, bra care, lingerie care

Check the care label to see if hand washing is required for your intimates as some bras require it. Bras with care labels that say they should only be washed by hand are probably made of silk, which needs special attention and detergents, or they are made in a way that makes them unsuitable for machine washing, even in a mesh bag.

  • Close all of the bra's hooks and eyes.
  • To a gallon of warm water, add a spoonful of delicate detergent and swirl to combine.
  • Do not twist or wring the bra, instead, gently submerge it in the cleaning solution and swirl it around.
  • Give the bra five to ten minutes to soak.
  • Make sure not to twist or wring the bra during the gentle rinse to remove the detergent.
  • Rinse properly and air dry your bra.
  • Reshape the cups if necessary.

How To Use A Washing Machine To Clean Bras

handwash your bra, bra washing tips, bra care, lingerie care

It's acceptable to clean your bra in your washing machine if you're too busy to wash it by hand. Here are the saps to follow, while you are machine washing your bra:

  • Shut all of the bra's hooks and eyes.
  • Put that into a mesh bag.
  • Choose the gentle cycle on your laundry machine.
  • Make use of a gentle detergent made especially for delicate clothing.
  • After the cycle is complete, take the bra out of the mesh bag and adjust the cups as necessary.
  • Rinse delicately and keep it in the open to dry up.

How To Dry Bras

handwash your bra, bra washing tips, bra care, lingerie care

Never put a bra in the dryer. Dryers can distort bra underwires and rip band elastic, even when used on low heat. Rather, gently press any extra water out of the garment, never wring it out. As Maashie suggests, bras should be left flat to dry on a fresh. The weight of the wet fabric will cause the straps to stretch out, so if you must hang your bras, never do so by the straps.

Which Detergent To Use For Cleaning Bras

handwash your bra, bra washing tips, bra care, lingerie care

Use a detergent that has been carefully formulated for delicate fabrics to avoid breaking the flexibility in the band and breaking the fibres in your bra or lingerie. There are so many all-natural laundry care brands available in the market, whom you can trust. Get the one you think is the best, if you are ordering it online, then make sure you read the reviews, as it helps a lot in choosing the right thing. Never use too less, or too much detergent to wash your undergarments, as it also might cause some level of damage.

How To Store Bras

It is not appropriate to fold your bras in half and tuck one cup into the other, despite what many people think. To ensure that they keep their shape, close the clasps and set them flat to keep your bras from stretching out over time. You should also refrain from hanging them on their elastic bands or straps.


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