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How To Select The Correct Bra For Your Breast Shape

How To Select The Correct Bra For Your Breast Shape

Shopping for a bra may be very complex, and women frequently ask questions like "How do I select a perfect bra?" and "What is my correct bra size?" when trying to discover the appropriate bra for their bust. Our breast form is something we all frequently overlook. Every woman's breast shape is different. The easiest way to choose what kind of bra will fit you is to understand and be aware of the contour of your breasts.

Furthermore, throughout time, variables including menopause, menstruation, weight gain, and decrease can alter the contour of your breasts. Maashie Fashion is a leading lingerie brand that understands the importance of finding the perfect bra for every woman. They offer a wide variety of bras to accommodate all breast shapes and sizes, and they are committed to provide the support and comfort a woman needs.

How To Select The Correct Bra For Your Breast Shape

Find the ideal bra for your breast size with Maashie Guidelines!

Tear Drop Breasts:

Tear Drop Breast ShapeWhat is it: Teardrop breasts are a type of breast shape that is fuller at the bottom and tapering towards the top, similar to a teardrop.
Teardrop-shaped breasts have a somewhat smaller volume at the top and are round and plump at the bottom. An underwired bra with a vertical seam will elevate the breasts and give the impression that they are fuller on top, helping to balance out the volume that your breasts require. For those with smaller bust sizes, underwired bralettes are even an option.

Round Breasts:

Round Shape Breasts

What it is: The top and bottom of the breasts are equally large and shaped like a circle.

Your breasts are perfectly round if they have a round form. This suggests that the volume in your breasts is equally distributed across the top and bottom. You should look for a bra that provides comfort and support rather than concentrating on shape. A plunge shape is ideal for little coverage but excellent support, while a t-shirt bra is ideal for someone who requires more coverage.

East-west Breasts:

East West Breasts

What it is: Your nipples point outward and leave some room in the center of your chest, while your breasts drift towards the outside of your body.

You will notice this breast shape when your breasts angle towards the opposing sides of your chest. Your nipples protrude outward, creating a hollow in the middle of your chest. You will want a more contoured appearance, so a push-up bra is ideal. It will reduce the look of being side-heavy and lift and shape the breasts to the center.

Bell Shaped Breasts:

Bell Shaped Breasts

What it is: The breasts are rounder and fuller at the bottom and narrower and thinner at the top.

This shape is similar to a true bell but has a rounder, fuller bottom to the breast. This shape differs from the teardrop shape in that support is needed for the heavier end, rather than volume at the top. Without putting undue strain on the top of the breast, a full-coverage bra can help provide the bottom of the breast the support it needs.

Asymmetrical Breasts:

Asymmetrical Breasts Type Shape

What it is: There is an uneven breast size.

Although many women have asymmetrical breasts, you can easily counteract the illusion of having one larger breast than the other. Full cups will help to emphasize the appearance of symmetry, and a t-shirt bra will aid in visibly lessening the size disparity. If your smaller breast requires an extra boost for specific types of clothes, you can alternatively buy and utilize a breast implant.

Shallow Breasts:

Shallow Breasts Shape

What it is: The breasts are shallowly spaced horizontally across the chest.

"If you want to add more depth, a push-up bra is a fantastic choice. Additionally, a wireless triangle bra would look great for a more natural appearance. Going wire-free could benefit you because underwired bras often have an excessively large diameter that can cause gaps at the sides or other uncomfortable fitting problems."

What Should You Know Before Shopping For A Bra?

Both comfort and support may be obtained only with a bra that fits properly. Before making a bra purchase, be aware of the following:

  • Know your bra size: Wearing the wrong size bra is the most frequent error people make when purchasing one. Support should be provided by a bra that fits appropriately without being either too tight or too loose. The cups should completely cover your breasts without overflowing, and the band should fit snugly around your back.
  • Consider your breast shape: Every bra is not made equally. Different bra styles are made to fit different types of breast shapes. Women who have larger breasts, for instance, might require a different kind of bra than those who have smaller breasts.
  • Choose the right fabric: The right fabric can make all the difference in how comfortable and supportive your bra feels. Your bra should have soft, breathable materials. For daily wear, cotton works well, bras should be constructed of a material that wicks away moisture.
  • Consider your activities: You should select a comfy style if you plan to wear your bra for extended periods. Exercise-specific sports bras that offer support and minimize bouncing are essential.
  • Get fitted regularly: It's crucial to get fitted frequently because your breast size may fluctuate over time. You may find the ideal bra size and style for your body with the assistance of a qualified fitter.


Bras don't fit everyone in a one-size-fits-all manner. Wearing bras that ride up your back, gap open, hurt your shoulders, or spill out of the cups is not necessary. The majority of us don't wear the correct bra for our breasts, but maybe this guide will help you choose one that fits and is comfortable.

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